Kilrenny, Fife, Scotland.

As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man. Proverbs 27:19 (NASB)

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” is a well known saying that most folk have heard at some point. Indeed many have used it in defence of a book, or most likely a new acquaintance. On the contrary we are also warned that “first appearances matter,” often referring to a job interview or even a first date. If we are to make any judgement based on these two sayings we must be wise regarding our final decision.

We don’t want to be embarrassed like a congregation found themselves on one Sunday morning. They were expecting a renowned missionary speaker when in walked a filthy smelly homeless guy in rags. He had the scruffiest looking mongrel on a rope and a fistful of bulging carrier bags. It was like the parting of the Red Sea as folk grumbled and moved away from the offending creature. At first he sat at the back, then as the service was about to start he walked up aisle to the front to the sound of much tutting. The elders who were wondering where their guest was soon found their answer before their eyes. The scruff and his mutt took to the platform and introduced themselves. It had been an exercise in not judging others which made a powerful impact. There were some red faces that day!

Dear reader, as a mirror reflects the face, our behaviour towards other people reflects the state of our heart. Let our hearts be filled with holy desire to be like our Saviour Jesus Christ. Then our appearance before others will be genuine and caring, an attractive reflection that can lead sinners to our Saviour.

NOTE: By the hand of God our sister Ruth has written a poem on the same subject which I recommend highly.

15 thoughts on “A Reflection of Christ

    1. I think it is something that has been done by many preachers over the years to great effect. I know the guy in my story personally but it would be wrong to name him or the church. Thankyou for reading and being an encouragement brother, God bless you.

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  1. Thank you sincerely my brother. A beautiful meditation. How very true. My husband and I went to hear an anointed speaker who we heard on DVD. When this shaky shriveled up old man stood many gasped in surprise. He moved forward to speak and the Glory of God was all over him. He preached a powerful and anointed message about Repentance and then sat down. He returned to his frail elderly composed self. God alone knows the hearts underneath the shells, clothes or outward realities. Please God may we grow in His Grace with His Wisdom to LOVE unconditionally.

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  2. “My friends, if you have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, you won’t treat some people better than others. Suppose a rich person wearing fancy clothes and a gold ring comes to one of your meetings. And suppose a poor person dressed in worn-out clothes also comes. You must not give the best seat to the one in fancy clothes and tell the one who is poor to stand at the side or sit on the floor. That is the same as saying that some people are better than others, and you would be acting like a crooked judge” (James 2:1-4, CEV).

    And yes, my recovery is coming along nicely. To God be the praise.

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  3. Love the story! Of course, the ultimate version of that story is in Matthew 25, where Jesus is separating the “sheep” from the “goats” according to how they treated “the least of these.” (JESUS in disguise!)
    My friend Kim Bowman wrote a book “Undercover Bag Lady,” based on her experiences in visiting various churches disguised as a homeless woman. I reviewed it a while back.

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