The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all the innermost parts of his being. Proverbs 20:27(NASB)

I remember in the 1970s we had a lot of powercuts in the national grid. When this happened we depended on candles and the coal fire as our light. When we left the room we had to carry a flickering flame with us, casting eerie shadows as we went. Remembering those days reminds me also of the old fashioned oil lamps that some older folks still had, much better and brighter than candles. These lamps cast a more steady light across a room exposing all the dark corners. It isn’t until the lights go out that we truly appreciate the value of light in our life.

When life is exposed to light we see it warts and all, because we see it we can make it better. Our spirit is like a lamp for our body, it is fueled by the Holy Spirit and burns continually. By His Spirit God can see all the corners of our soul, our deepest desires good and evil. Far better though is when God Almighty shines His light on our sins, we can repent asking Him to forgive us. As oil burns off the impurities so must we burn off our exposed sins, by our prayers of repentance. By this our light will burn more brightly for our Father God, bringing light and truth to those around us.

Dear reader, seek to purify the light you shine in life. Ask Father God to show the dark corners in your life, that you need to repent from. In His compassion He will help you, that you will shine brighter for Him.

11 thoughts on “His Purifying Light

  1. It’s not always comfortable coming to God’s light—after I sin—but it’s necessary to live in fellowship with Him. I’m a person who takes pride in doing everything perfectly, but that’s impossible.
    I remember those oil lamps! My grandmother had two of them, and I used to help her replace the wicks. Blessings.

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    1. You are so right David – we would rather hide from God when we sin. Of course this is what satan wants. But Hallelujah He is a forgiving Father, He welcomes us back if we turn to Him. I can agree that perfectionism is impossible, but yet again our enemy will whisper in our ear “you can do it David/Alan.” The truth being only our Lord can be perfect. God bless you brother.

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    1. Thank you Mandy! The leg has just a light covering to protect it from knocks etc. The pain has eased significantly and my medication has reduced also. God is Good! I am grateful for His care and the prayers of my family in Christ.

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