I looked at the stats of “Devotional Treasures” today, I was shocked to see that we have more than 200 readers now! This pleasant surprise has prompted some reflection.

The 8th April this year saw my first blog post on WordPress after a lot of thought and prayer. I was excited by this new direction that God was taking me in. I had written stories over the years but had never written anything substantial for God, apart from a couple of gospel tracts. My ambition and fervour for writing had faded years ago under the guilt of not giving my writing ability to Him. But today I can look back over the last few months and see how my Father God has used Covid19 to get me to obey His calling.

In my time on WordPress I have been blessed by God, through blogs I have read and the friends I have made. I am honoured to have real brothers and sisters in the Lord who have encouraged me and, built me up in hard times. I won’t name any names…the list is just too long for starters! But I thank God our Father for each and every one of you every day. It has been an exciting journey for sure.

My aim from day one has been to share “devotional treasures” that God has shown me in His Holy Word. Every post belongs to God Almighty, I am just the scribe in this process. This is still my purpose today. The style of writing has changed in recent weeks to a shorter traditional devotional format which I hope everyone likes.

Finally, my dear readers I am always willing to chat with you in the comments or by email (devotionaltreasures@gmail.com). I am always happy to discuss any suggestions or prayer requests. I would make one small request, that if you have been helped by the posts in Devotional Treasures that you pass them on to your friends or family. It is my most sincere prayer that our Father God will bless you all in your daily walk with Him.

18 thoughts on “A Note of Praise!

  1. Congratulations! Milestones are a joy to celebrate, especially when we see the providential hand of God at work in achieving them.
    Trivia tidbit – we both began blogging in April 2020 in the midst of a world pandemic. You astound me doing it daily, mine is weekly.

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