Today I want to share something personal with you dear reader. This morning I received very special delivery from my postman, a handwritten letter from a dear sister in Christ. It was a reply to a letter I sent recently, after being prompted in my devotions to reach out. There is a blast from the past for you, actual letter writing. It may be old fashioned but it is still a valuable method of sharing with folk you care about.

I have known ‘L’ for many years, she is a spiritual mother to me having cared and prayed for me constantly. Do you have a spiritual parent in your life, not necessarily your birth parent? I am so thankful for Godly saints such as ‘L’ who spread the Love of Christ in the church family in this way. My dear sister has had serious health issues and our Lord has preserved her in this, praise His name. In light of her trials it was quite pertinent that she quoted the above scripture from Romans to me, it makes it stand out when applied to our lives. Our God is amazing, this very scripture was on my mind yesterday…a classic example of a God-Incidence. What a blessed assurance this scripture gives us; that nothing in our life can separate us from God’s love for us, wow!

‘L’ told me about an old saint who was a spiritual mother to her in recent years, her name was Dora. This lady was a fervent prayer warrior. Just for a moment, stop and think of such prayer warriors in our churches or in our lives. We must remember them in our devotions and thank God for them. Dora our sister was recently “Promoted to Glory” just short of her 100th birthday, but before she left she sent prayer cards to all her friends. ‘L’ has passed her one on to me and, today I pass it on to you dear reader. We never met Dora but her final act of intercession for the saints of God has reached and blessed us today.

Finally dear reader, I hope you have been blessed by this message of Christ’s Love shared. I would pray that you are challenged by the example of ‘L’ and Dora; who can you bless today?


3 thoughts on “In Memory of Dora

  1. “God-incidence,”. I love it! God has put special mentors in my life at just the right time, and I am thankful. I appreciate your reminder to think of others. The isolation and uncertainty of our current times tempts we to be self-absorbed. Blessings, brother.

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