Today I started reading in the book of Ezra (539 BC) which is about the return of God’s people to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. It begins with lists of those returning, the sort that we tend to skim through. But I persevered and praise God He showed me a small gem in that list. Ezra 2:42 lists “sons of the gatekeepers” which caused me to stop. I had seen gatekeepers in other lists, but today I was curious and wanted to know more about these people.

Gatekeepers were specially appointed guards, men who could be relied upon to keep order and be trustworthy. The whole society depended upon them doing their duty without failure. David appointed 202 gatekeepers in 1 Chronicles 9:22, this number varied over the years. Ancient cities were protected by walls with access only via a small number of gates, thus those guarding these gates had a huge responsibility of trust. Gatekeepers also served in the temple complex keeping order and guarding the sacred contents of the temple. After Nehemiah completed the restoration of Jerusalem one of the first appointments were of gatekeepers, they were a sacred appointment.

Gatekeepers guarded the heart of the community and their temple. We can apply this example to our own lives as men of God. We need to guard our hearts daily. There are three gatekeepers of our heart, our conscience, the fear of God and, the Holy Spirit in our life. These three stand guard 24/7 over our spiritual wellbeing. We as men of God need to listen carefully to what they tell us, and take appropriate action against our enemy the devil. We need to ask God in prayer “set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!” Psalm141:3.

As men of God (and women of God too) we are gatekeepers for ourselves, our families and the church. John Bunyan in his great book “Holy War” gives us a list of gates to guard: Ear-gate, Mouth-gate, Nose-gate and, Feel-gate. These are areas where satan will try to attack us every day. We are reminded in scripture (2 Corinthians 2:11) to not be ignorant of satan’s scheming to deceive and mislead us. Let us stand tall in the courage of Christ equipped with the Word of God, guarding our gates against evil in all its forms. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. Ephesians 6:10.

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  1. Another excellent read. Taking the text out of the “personal” realm I would add that in the US our country is starting to move toward civil war. By that I mean the far left progressives are causing massive destruction and fear. Laura Ingram noted yesterday on her 10 p.m. t.v. spot, these evil-minded people may move to the residential areas of our country if they are not stopped. It is time for our gatekeepers to gather and pray and ask for God’s help about how we go about getting our nation back to what our Christian Forefathers set up. God bless this wonderful blog and all who read it. May God lead His people.

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    1. Thank you for your comments Mary, they are very much appreciated. You are so right, we need Godly gatekeepers in many areas of our countries as well as our lives. Even though I have addressed my post to men of God, it applies very much to women of God too. God bless you my sister.


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    for your entertainment in social isolation/hibernation

    A church has a rat problem

    The church doesn’t want to kill the rats so they trap them and release them far away, but the next day they are back.

    Next they try ask them politely to leave, still they won’t budge.

    Finally the priest has one last idea, he baptized all the rats.

    Now they only come at Christmas and Easter.

    man walked into a bar. He sat down and asked the bar tender “If I impress you, can I have a free drink?”. The bar tender said sure, so the man reached in his pocket and pulled out a tiny piano. He then pulled out a small rat and set it by the piano. It crawled on to the bench and began playing

    music. The bar tender was amazed, so he gave the man a beer. Next, the man said “If I impress you even more, can I have free drinks for life?”. The bar tender didn’t think it was possible, so he agreed. The man pulled a frog out of his pocket, and it began to sing by the piano. The bar tender smiled and told the man that he was impressed. A man in a suit with a cane walked into the bar, saw the small animals, and offered to buy them for $2 million. The owner said no, but he offered to sell the frog for $500k. The rich man agreed, took the frog, and left. The bar tender couldn’t believe the owner just did that and said “Why did you just sell the frog?! There is no singing now!”. The owner laughed and said “Don’t worry; the rat is a ventriloquist!”.

    Two professors of economics were walking down a road when they saw a dead rat.

    The older one said – “If you eat this, I’ll pay you ₹10,000”. The younger one makes a quick cost-benefit analysis and finally eats the rat.

    The younger professor experiences a bad after-taste and wants the older professor to experience the same. When he sees another dead rat on the road, he dares the professor to eat it in exchange for the old ₹10,000. The senior professor, eager to recover his reckless bet, eats it.

    After a few minutes of walking silently, the younger professor finally says – “Looks like we’ve been eating dead rats for free.”

    The older professor remarks, “But don’t forget we just added ₹ 20,000 to the GDP!”





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    Well my family and friends say I’m “safest” just writing and sharing


    Driven to share, uplift, encourage and (perhaps even) inspire

    “Live each day as if it’s your last…

    and one day you’ll be right!


    So it may be better and safer for you following the rats!


    Don’t worry about the world ending today…

    it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand

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